In addition to our seasonal biers, over 14 biers on tap and over 20 bottles will be continually rotated by our on site bier masters. The finest Munich & Bohemian pilsners, Weiss biers and limited edition Oktoberfest specials we can get our hands on. These much herald biers will star alongside the best of local craft breweries and small batches that will change daily.

With that each week we will be talking you through our chosen bier of the week.

Bier of the week:

Notorious POG by Stone Brewing.


Berliner Weisse






Hazy & Orange

Tastes like:

A mimosa!

POG stands for passion fruit, orange and guava and this is very forward in the beers overall profile. 

With this combination of fruit in the beer, the acidity is high. This gives the beer a distinct tart/sour taste with is typical of this style of beer. With the sweetness of the passion fruit, it is well balanced and drinks very easily. 

This beer should be enjoyed on a hot day to quench your thirst.  

This very bier has been created as part of an experimental series and we were lucky enough to get a keg on re-release!

We’ll see you at the bar.