This Wednesday evening we’re delighted to be joined by Andy from Stiegl to talk all things Salzburg bier. From 6pm ’til 8pm Andy will passing out samples and discussing the art of brewing at the highest level.

With its multiple breweries Salzburg claims the title of ‘The Austrian Beer Capital’, the most famous of which is Stiegl. Stiegl has a  history spanning over more than 500 years, and plays a significant part in this beer culture given, among other things, the huge variety of beer it offers. In addition to the approximately twenty Stiegl beer types the Stiegl-Brauwelt’s ‘in-house’ brewery creates some interesting beer varieties such as the ‘Männerschokolade’, the ‘Zölibat’ or the ‘Gmahde Wiesn’.

Stiegl brew all their biers with the freshest water straight from the mountain springs to ensure the highest quality brew. Head brewer, Christian Propperl says “This special water is also the main reason why we will stick with our only brewing site in Salzburg. It also means we could never brew our beer anywhere else”.


Biers we are pouring on the night are:

Stiegl Goldbrau “Salzburg’s liquid gold”, a traditional Salzburg beer with a golden- yellow colour. Full bodied with a gentle bitterness and wonderfully refreshing.

Stiegl Weisse, a fruity, naturally cloudy wheat beer. Its glowing amber color and fruity-aromatic taste of yeast coupled with effervescence will delight the wheat beer enthusiast.

Join us this Wednesday, bookings advised but walk ins very welcome.