In 2015, we opened our first Bier Halle. Manchester’s Albert’s Schloss, a Bier Palace & Cook Haus, inspired by the legendary bier making kingdoms of Bavaria and Bohemia.



As in Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s main squeeze. When Albert died Victoria went into deep mourning and renamed many buildings, squares and even towns in his honour. The Grade II listed Albert Hall in Manchester is one of these special places and Albert’s Schloss resides on the ground floor.



Schloss (High German) Meaning – Palace, castle or country retreate.


So, as bier lovers, turned masters, turned brewers we’re ready for the next stage of innovation. A new bier halle. A proper pub.

We had been dreaming about this for a long time.
The question has been – What if Albert did a proper pub?

A modern day Bier Halle that fused all our learning’s from serving the best of traditional technique from Albert’s Schloss alongside the best of local craft ale from the thriving North West.


What is a Schenke?

 High German (Noun) meaning pub or Tavern, to pour.


LIKE MANY GREAT THINGS our boundaries and influences are a little blurry but, as a young Angela Merkel once (never) put it to us, ‘If you’re jumping off a mountain who knows where you’re gonna land?’ Well in our case, (if we can continue with this mountain of a metaphor), just think of it like this;

We set up base camp in Bavaria, we climbed the mountains, swam naked in the lakes with handsome locals, feasted on schnitzel, bratwurst and hearty Bavarian fayre….and we loved it. However, the further we ventured into the Alps the more gastronomical gold we discovered . We found ourselves ploughing far beyond Bavaria and through Alpine Italia, Austria, France and Switzerland, dipping our fingers in their best bits as if they were a smorgasboard of country sized fondues. We were hunters and our prize was to find the very best in Alpine food, shoot it and bring it home.



 Albert’s Schenke is very much be about our extensive range of bier: guests can sip by the schooner, pour by pint, or take a tour of the taps with a range of bier flights.

Alongside the unique bier offering, the drinks craft continue with premium High G&Ts, cocktails, magnums of prosecco and artisan schnapps.


It’s time to dine & drink Alpine!