Join us this Thursday for our first ever Pilsner Night. We’ll by joined by Francois from @Pilsner_UK from 6pm. Francois will be teaching us all about Pilsber Urquell, tankovna bier and the difference between a Hladinka and a Šnyt.

Did you know? Pilsner Urquell was the first ever golden lager with a thick white foamy head to be invented back in 1842, every other ‘pilsner’ style beer is a replication of their classic bier. Pilsner uses three times as many hops as most beers which helps produce thick, dense, wet foam that (when poured correctly) will convert into beer, that’s why it has such a big head to start off with!  The foam protects the beer from light and air which would normally spoil the taste of a beer.

We’ll be offering some Bier Tavern snacks to pair with your Pilsner on the evening too. No booking neccersary, join us from 6pm.