Every day our in Haus Bier Master Dom, perfectly pairs our daily plates with one of our tap biers. Bier are matched based on style, flavours and hops. MONDAY DAILY PLATE Scouse Labskaus beef stew, potatoes, haus pickles, white bloomer washed down X BIER OF THE DAY Dunkel / Weiss / 5.3% Brewery: Weihenstephener (Freising, … Continued

50% OFF YOUR BILL… OH MEIN GOTT To celebrate our launch and a new season here at our Cook Haus, all guests are invited to enjoy 50% off your total bill when you dine with us on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday throughout October. Explore the Alpine wonders of Albert’s Cook Haus, from 8 am to … Continued

THE BEST BIER IN THE WORLD IS COMING We’ve had to pull a few strings but are super excited to announce that for a limited time only we will be serving ALL THE OFFICIAL OKTOBERFEST BIERS (the best bier in the world!!) at the same time as the festival in Munich From 19th September until … Continued

Our daily plates are inspired by both local Liverpool heritage and alpine cook haus. All daily plates are accompanied by a different bier which has been perfectly paired based on the dish by our in haus bier master Dom. Daily plate and bier pairing are both included in the price of our daily plates.   … Continued

August 5, 2019


BAVARIA X BOHEMIA X LIVERPOOL   Our bier list is a seasonal curation of what we feel is the greatest bier on the planet from three regions, we proudly and collectively call home. Bavaria, Bomhemia and Liverpool. BAVARIAN ROYALTY Bavaria, specifically Munch, is the bier capital of the world. It is the home of Oktoberfest … Continued

Summer brings with it many glorious things: long sunny days, blue sky, warm air and a scrumptious selection of tasty summer fruits! Berried Alive is a lager that screams summer fruits. It's tart, sweet and filled to the brim with mixed berry goodness.

FRESH BIER THIRST In addition to our seasonal biers, over 14 biers on tap and over 20 bottles will be continually rotated by our on site bier masters. The finest Munich & Bohemian pilsners, Weiss biers and limited edition Oktoberfest specials we can get our hands on. These much herald biers will star alongside the … Continued

ALBERT’S COOK HAUS TAKES YOU FAR BEYOND BAVARIA AND ALL AROUND THE ALPS. IT’S TIME TO DINE ALPINE   LIKE MANY GREAT THINGS our boundaries and influences are a little blurry but, as a young Angela Merkel once (never) put it to us, ‘If you’re jumping off a mountain who knows where you’re gonna land?’ Well in our case, (if we can … Continued

  One of the only two venues in Liverpool to Haus Pilsner Urquell Tankovna.    Pilsner Urquell is a child of both Bohemia and Bohemianism. The beer was born in the town of Plzeň (or Pilsen) in Bohemia, a land rich in both human and natural resources, which lies at the heart of what is … Continued

May 15, 2019


Not only will Albert’s Schenke be bringing a Bier Hall to the city of Liverpool, a Cook Haus is coming too.